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"Different versions of 'Oktavist' were kicking around in my 'ideas' folder seemingly forever, and it was exciting to hash it out with the guys and end up with the most metal song on the record, and our heaviest breakdown," says Foley. "I love headbanging through the end of it at shows. Also, I can't wait for you all to hear the full album when it comes out next month — exciting times!"

Justin Foley (guitar)
Joey Johnson (guitar)
Doug French (bass)
Chris Lane (drums)

Meet Lybica, a dynamic instrumental force from south Florida that seamlessly blends flavorful guitar melody with powerful metallic crunch. Lybica will take you on an epic musical journey of peaks and valleys where the possibilities are endless.

Lybica was first conceived in 2020 when it became clear to Justin Foley (drummer of Killswitch Engage) that he wasn't going to be spending much time with his normal dudes for a while. Quarantine days still needed to be time well spent, and he'd been working on some demos that he finally decided to share with a few local friends in south Florida. "I'd written a bunch of stuff that didn't quite fit into traditional song structures," explains Justin, "and I've always been drawn to bands where the instruments provide hooks, rather than relying on a lyric. It seemed like a good time to start something new and see where it could go."
The trio soon discovered that they had something else in common besides music. "The three of us are pretty big cat people," Justin points out, "so it only made sense to call the band Lybica." Named after a small wildcat species native to Africa that is widely considered the godfather of the modern house cat, Lybica is the first known feline species to be tamed and domesticated by humans.

Fast forward 10,000 years, and today Lybica the band are as addictive as catnip. With the recent addition of drummer Chris Lane (A Brilliant Lie) to the lineup, and plans to release their debut self-titled full length album later this year, Lybica is poised to make some serious noise in 2022 and beyond, fur-real!

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