MANEGARM - En snara av guld

Taken from the upcoming album, Ynglingaättens Öde, out on April 15.

Music video made by Svartna Film

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========== Lyrics ==========
Lågt bär korpens färd
Med en buk stinn av finnfolkets hull
Och dyrast rov, en ädlings blod
Med hy ljus som nyfallen snö

Här över österns salt
I bojor utan järn
Hon vigdes vid sin faders lik
Men bidar sin tid för hämnd

Hon tvangs till att bliva brud
men bär med sig ett lov
Hans lön skall bli getens ragg
och en snara gjord av guld

En livlös man ser dagen ny
vid Lögens strand
En smyckad död i guld så röd
När månen flyr och dagen gryr vid österns rand
Blev domen fälld, en blodets gäld

Vår konung dräpt, han vilar högt i trädets sal
Han bragds om liv, av fager viv
Då månen flyr och dagen gryr vid österns rand
En konungs död i himlens glöd

========== English lyrics ==========
The raven journeys low
His guts filled with the flesh of Finns
Their most valued prey, a nobleman’s blood
With skin as white as newly fallen snow

Here, over the Eastern Sea
In chains without steel
She was wed next to her father’s corpse
But biding her time for revenge

She was forced to be his bride
but swore an oath
His payment will be a braided rope
And a noose made of gold

A lifeless man gazes upon the dawn by Lögen’s Beach
A bejeweled death in red gold
When the moon flees and a new day dawns in the eastern skies
The sentence was carried out, a blood debt

Our king has been killed, now resting in a hall of leaves
In a golden noose, by a woman’s hand
When the moon flees, and a new day dawns in the eastern skies
A king’s death in the sky ablaze

========== MÅNEGARM on “En snara av guld” ==========
”En snara av guld” (a golden noose) is the story about the Finnish daughter Skjalv who gets abducted and is forced to marry King Agne – the same man that killed her father. She finally gets her revenge on Agne and when the new day dawns, the King gets his final rest high up in the trees. ”En snara av guld” is the most gripping video we have ever made and we are so amazingly proud of how both the song and video came out. And a father’s heart couldn’t pound any stronger than today since the song features Eriks youngest daughter Lea on vocals and his other daughter Tuva plays Skjalv in the video. Enjoy Brothers & Sisters!

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