MYSTIC CIRCLE - Darkness In Flames

MYSTIC CIRCLE – “Darkness In Flames” from their upcoming album “Mystic Circle” (February 4th, 2022)
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Video by Alen Ljubic

The Unholy Return Of The Black Metal Gods: Dark, Merciless, Straight & Deadly

Darkness In flames

In the darkness – Lucifers children
In the darkness – Priest of doom
In the darkness – He is the Lightbringer
In the darkness – Son of the morning star

Darkness in flames
You will be born again
Darkness in flames
Son of fire

Full moon light the time stood still
The flames burned in the night

The priest of hell summons the demons
Prayers of destruction

Burning pentagrams shine in the night
Screams of ecstasy and eternal desire

„And it was night forever!“

Creatures of dark power
Are crawling through the mud
Witches dance in ecstasy
In expectation for his coming

Darkness in flames
Son of the black flame
Darkness in flames
King of hell

Darkness in flames
Bringer of salvation
Darkness in flames
Destroyer of eternal light

Sacrifices for the devil
The gates of hell are open
The circle of damnation
Worshiped the unholy god

Energy of dark power
Curses of malice

The damned one holds the scepter
Of unholy might

„There is a beast in man
That should be unleashed
There is mayhem inside you
That should be released“

„There is no kingdom of heaven
At the end darkness remains
The only truth is
That god is a lie“
(Dedicated to Anton Szandor Lavey)

Fallen angels come to earth
Legions of the devil
Bloodlust in their eyes
Ready for the last fight

Darkness in Flames
You will be born again
Darkness in flames
Son of fire

Music: Zimmer / Meesters
Lyrics: Zimmer
Recorded/Mixed/Mastered at Vaultroom Productions
Artwork by Greg Rothermel, Sven Meesters

Beelzebub | vocals, guitars, bass, keyboards
A. Blackwar | vocals, guitars, drums, keyboards



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