"Disguise" is a track from an upcoming EP
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Filmed by : Donnoven Rios
Directed by: Donnoven Rios and Daria Mazunova
Post-production: Max Zorin
Makeup: Kateryna Strukova
Daria Mazunova - vocals
Gene Mazunov - vocals, guitar
Jorge Romo - bass guitar
Mike Moore - drums

Special thanks to Pavel Lokhnin for drums' recording
All rights to the song are reserved to Daria Mazunova and Evgenii Mazunov
“Disguise” (lyrics)

Tell me everything about the days
You’ve spent in solitude,
Being surrounded by the people that never would
Let the mind stay unknotted,
Let the soul stay clean,
Fighting the fire with gasoline.

Don’t you worry,
You can stay asleep,
Until all those days will pass.

It’s in your eyes
And only in disguise I see the truth,
Liar is the one that has
So much left to lose,
Keeping up the pretence at all times.

Palm reading and psychology books
Do not work as you thought they should.
I’m a repulse, a reflection,
Getting under your skin,
A ghost and a hologram,
Whose energy’s coming from within.

Tearing endless knots
You will see fluorescent lights,
Calling you out.

I am so sorry,
I’ve got no remedy
To offer
But wait

Chorus: …

It’s in your eyes,
I can see the truth.
Do you have something to lose?
Keep up the pretence, keep up the pretence,
Keep up the pretence at all times.

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