NORTH SEA ECHOES - Really Good Terrible Things (FULL ALBUM)

ARTIST: North Sea Echoes
ALBUM: Really Good Terrible Things
RELEASE DATE: 02/23/2024
On North Sea Echoes' debut album, 'Really Good Terrible Things', the duo of Ray Alder and Jim Matheos embarks upon a fresh musical journey, a new chapter of intimate, moody, and evocative songs highlighted by the singles 'Open Book,' 'Empty,' 'Throwing Stones.'

Really Good Terrible Things shows the breadth and versatility of the acclaimed pair, along with a freshness that belies their long musical partnership. "We both still love making music and we really enjoy working together. There's a good amount of chemistry there, I think," Matheos concludes. "We both know what to expect from each other."

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01. Open Book (00:00)
02. Flowers in Decay (04:42)
03. Unmoved (09:16)
04. Throwing Stones (12:58)
05. Empty (17:35)
06. The Mission (20:57)
07. Where I'm From (24:44)
08. We Move Around the Sun (28:31)
09. Touch the Sky (34:06)
10. No Maps (37:56)
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