OBSCURA - When Stars Collide


Fast cars and even faster guitars are what you get on OBSCURA's new music video off their upcoming studio album A Valediction! Only one more month to go before the band's 6th studio album will see the light of day on November 19th, and virtuosic frontman Steffen Kummerer and his renowned bandmates unveil yet another new song from their upcoming chef-d'euvre. As one of the more melodic tracks on the album, "When Stars Collide" even features a striking clean vocal guest performance by their label mate Björn "Speed" Strid besides the band's unpreceded polyrhythms and solos.
The music video was once again produced by director Mirko Witzki and does not only offer the possibility to witness the outstanding talent of the musicians during the performance, but also some visual pleasure for car nerds.

ORDER: https://bfan.link/Obscura 

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