ODDKO - D4TM (NeroArgento & The Silverblack Remix)


ODDKO - D4TM (NeroArgento & The Silverblack Remix)
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This is a video remix of the award winning music video D4TM by ODDKO.
Shot in September 2019.

Produced by Void N’ Disorder
Director: Giovanni Bucci
Editing: Giovanni Bucci
Executive Producer: Paola Rocchetti
Cinematography: Michael Pescasio
2nd DoP: Francesco Pennìca, Jacob Alvarado, Giovanni Bucci
Drone Pilot: Jacob Sarfaty
VFX / Compositing: Giovanni Bucci
Gunshots / explosions: Mrinal Dutta, Dmytro Kubriak
Rotoscoping: Uygar Gurkan
3D: Giovanni Bucci
Colorist: Gabe Sanchez
Makeup for ODDKO: Paola Rocchetti
Graphic Design (D4TM Propaganda Poster): Paola Rocchetti
Equipment: P-Light Inc, Stranirumori Studio, Void n’ Disorder.
RC ODDKO car design: Giovanni Bucci
RC car build: Luke Claxton, Chris Cormalis
RC car drivers: Luke Claxton, Marlin Davila


2021 – Wasteland Film Festival Los Angeles
WINNER best Music Video

2021 – Film Invasion Los Angeles
WINNER best Music Video

2020– Los Angeles Movie Awards
WINNER in 5 categories:
Best Music Video
Best Cinematography
Best Editing
Best Production Design
Best Costume Design

2021 – Hollywood Screenings Film Festival

2021 – Shockfest Film Festival Los Angeles

2021 – Miami International Science Fiction Film Festival (MiSciFi)
2020 – WORLD Film Festival (WFF) Los Angeles
2020 – Hollywood Verge Film Awards
2020 – Apex Short Film & Music Video Festival
2020 – Paris Art and Movie Awards, PAMA

Francesco Paoli
Gideon Obsidian
Giovanni Bucci
Jesse Gee
Jake Mckinnon
Bruce D. Mitchell
Ethan Zahn
Paola Rocchetti
Kai Norman
Vivid Vivka
Brett Stern
Cami Throttle Rothmuller
Verona Blue
Garrett Mells
Mark Henry
Kelly McMinn
Mayland Clinton
Noah Wiehn
Jennifer VanHuysen
Matthew VanHuysen
Tyrell Kujala
Del Bob Long
Carrie Risedorf
Sparky Racewey Potter
Alexandra "Atypi" Johansson
Burke Roberts
Tyler Mackie
Burke Roberts
Ace McGaw "Dead Dog"
Steve Hornbek
Genevieve Linde
Benny Hadley
Samm Hall
Candice Sanderson
Nicole Elizabeth Laabs
Mike Porch
Magpie Bones
Travis Long
Del Lons
Claire Smitty
Dawn Glover "Runt"
Wes Fenton
Ofer Ashkenazy
Bruce Boyd
Graf Holzfeuer
Vielmehr Klampfe
Gellend Adler
Franziska Pohl
Nurit Ben

Wasteland Weekend
Green screen scenes filmed at Strani Rumori Studio.
Drums on green screen filmed at Studio Teclas.

D4TM is written and performed by Giovanni Bucci
Music arrangement: Daniele Marinelli, Rob Romano
Remix by NeroArgento & The Silverblack
Drums: Francesco Paoli
Bass: Dave Tavanti
Guitar: Giovanni Bucci, Rob Romano
Sound engineer: Rob Romano
Mastering: Will Borza

Jared Butler and Wasteland Weekend https://www.wastelandweekend.com

Luca Scota, Patrick Walch (https://suricatemusic.com/), Wasted Saints, Joshua David at Majesty Black, Cricket Mechsner, Reef’s Rc Products, Mildred at Mother of London, Nange Magro at Dead Lotus Couture, Paressi Presone Labitan, Laboratorio Pieroni, Rosa Bucci, Francesco Ferrini, Daniele Boccali, Cristiano Peverini, Carlo Primieri at Primieri Hair, Demobaza, Osvaldo Squirrel.

Listen to our playlist which includes alternative metal and industrial bands such as Rammstein, Lindemann, Celldweller, Rob Zombie, White Zombie, Korn, Mad Max soundtrack and many more: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLj-uLeHzT58wWCtdvdRoDSf95ofN82BaL

#AlternativeMetal #numetal #IndustrialMetal

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