OUR DYING WORLD - Veil Of The Reaper


Veil Of The Reaper - Our Dying World

A music video by Industrialism Films
Shot and edited by Vicente Cordero

Mixed and mastered by Alex Crescioni at Stygian Sound


Darkn ess clouds my eyes tonight while coldness drowns my fears
Softly spoken whispered words while blinded by my tears
Years of sorrow, wasted nothings fall into the black
I’ve gone too far and now it’s clear I’m never turning back

Can’t recall the last I saw but now it’s faded gray
Vanities begin to fade; in silence waste away
Before me stands the shroud of Death and with an outstretched hand
He beckons me to leave behind my memories and land.

I have become the cold and lost
Sleep now my spirit; fade to dust
The mystery of life is lifted
The path of death to all is gifted.

We are forever cursed to guide into the fray
We are the chosen ones to signal death of day
For now and ever more this wretched sin abides
To follow mourning path until the daylight dies

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