PREDATORY VOID - Endless Return to the Kingdom of Sleep

PREDATORY VOID - Endless Return to the Kingdom of Sleep (OFFICIAL VIDEO)
Taken from the Album "Seven Keys to the Discomfort of Being", out April 21st, 2023
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Director: Nick Suchak
Art direction: Maria Ovejero
Styling: Edgar Van den Heede
MUAH + nails: Maria Ovejero
Recorded, produced and mixed by Tim De Gieter at Much Luv Studio (Lembeke, BE)
Mastered by Jack Shirley at The Atomic Garden (Oakland, CA)

Slumber is taking hold
My world is spinning
It’s out of control
No use in fighting this
Walls of my consciences fall
Bit by bit

Every single time
Falling down in suspense

Real and twisted
All the same
Elusive layers
Being peeled away

Falling down in suspense

Dreams in which I try to save you
Where I’m always late
Stuck in sand, consumed by snow

Haunted by
Ghosts of the past
Haunted by
Ghosts of the past

Lying next to a lifeless body
Of someone I used to know
Young and beautiful
Remains of a tortured soul

Waking up in cold sweat
Too scared to even move
But weariness
Pushes me back to sleep
Where the cycle starts...

Ill at ease

I know they wait for me
Oozing into my lucid dreams

And paralyze what’s left of me
Never grant me any peace
This odd and secret world
Has known me since my youth

It welcomes me, to torment me
And set me free at dawn

Because it knows that I’ll return
And if I won’t it means I’m there

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