REVEAL - Doppelherz (Full Album)


Swedish sonic iconoclasts Reveal! stream the entirety of their highly anticipated fourth album, Doppelherz.

Ever surprising, ever seemingly in turmoil, Uppsala’s Reveal! have built a shockingly defiant canon of musick over the past decade under this moniker. Keenly note musick: while undoubtedly rooted in metal, these four mavericks have been predictably unpredictable in just how far they’ll push their sound. Their Nocturne of Eyes and Teeth full-length debut in 2011 might’ve been bent and broken as far as extreme metal goes, but the follow-up Flystrips in 2016 began setting Reveal! away from the pack. And like true lone wolves, three years later did Scissorgod finally separate the wheat from chaff.
A modern classic that confused and cajoled in equal measure, Scissorgod set forth a spectrum of sounds which had no precedent. Thirsty and miserable but with beautiful bloodshot eyes, the Reveal! of Scissorgod sonically/spiritually nodded to noise-rock of yesteryear – be it The Birthday Party and other ‘80s Australian contemporaries on to the “pigfuck” movement of Big Black, Scratch Acid, Killdozer, and early Pussy Galore – but filtered it through a brittle lens of ancient death metal and first-wave black metal…and yet, it sounded nothing like that at all.


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