REVOCATION - Nihilistic Violence

Director, Cinematography, Editor - David Brodsky for My Good Eye: Music Visuals (
Producer, Cinematography, Editor - Allison Woest for My Good Eye: Music Visuals

Asst. Editor - Robb Brown
Lighting Director - Adam Pernick
Grip/Electric - Lindsey Fehr
Production Assistant - Mason Brown
Production Assistant - Michael Miller
Location Manager - Joss "Frenchie" Hay
Special Thanks - George Fiorini, Sk8 Liborius

All hope withers like a dying weed
Irrational minds now warped by hate
Opportunistic vultures come to feed
On the carcass of the state

Our eyes affixed on the hands of the doomsday clock
Force fed fear and misery
Systemic collapse light the match
Stoke the fires of enmity

Hear the bellowing Horn of Abraxas
It calls to the beast that lives in the heart of every man
Possessed by its words spellbound by its sigil
The captivated masses guided by his hand

Erect the gallows hang the betrayers
Kill them all the dissidents must pay
Those who’ve bred this malice reap what they have sown
Engulfed by the surging flames

Sulphurous smoke rises as chaos reigns
An empire brought unto its knees
Glimmers of light consumed by darkness
Spirits devoured by the beast

Gaze upon this grotesque visage of a collapsing dominion
The summation of our failures

Nihilistic violence bloodshed in the streets
Vitriolic media poisoning society
Exploited by your idols entranced by their facades
Your leaders have deserted you abandoned by your gods

Doomed to repeat the cruel lessons of our bloodstained history
The human mind a fertile host for growing hatred’s tainted seeds
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