Alice Cooper Manager Shep Gordon

Gibson Icons (S1 E5)

There are those who tell stories and those who are storytellers; Shep Gordon is neither. Shep is THE storyteller. Lovingly known as "Supermensch," he is one of the most influential and respected personalities in show business. In the newest chapter of Gibson “Icons,” Shep shares some of his legendary behind the scenes stories from his life as a manager. 


Over the years, he has been responsible for managing the careers of Alice Cooper, Anne Murray, Teddy Pendergrass, Rick James and others.  He’s also credited as creating the celebrity chef,  which revolutionized the food industry and turned the culinary arts into the multi-billion dollar industry it is today. 


Shep is revered for his kindness, charisma and fondness for a good time.  Having lived a life as full and as exciting as he has, it isn't surprising he has so many outrageous anecdotes from his time as a talent manager, film agent, and producer for some of music and Hollywood’s biggest names. 


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Alice Cooper
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