Pre-Listening + Q&A with Joe

JOE SATRIANI - The Elephants Of Mars (S1 E3)

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Joe Satriani releases his latest opus, 'The Elephants Of Mars' this Friday 8th April. Join him for a very special pre-listening event, plus Q&A with Joe taking your questions.

0:00 - Introduction with Joe

3:25 - Sahara

7:59 - The Elephants of Mars

13:19 - Faceless

19:01 - Blue Foot Groovy

24:09 - Tension and Release

29:57 - Sailing the Seas of Ganymede

35:53 - Doors of Perception

39:59 - E 104th St NYC 1973

45:33 - Pumpin'

48:55 - Dance of the Spores

55:25 - Night Scene

59:57 - Through A Mother's Day Darkly

1:04:07 - 22 Memory Lane

1:08:18 - Desolation

1:11:39 - Q&A with Joe


The Elephants of Mars truly represents the album that Satriani himself hoped he could deliver with his band. “We did everything. We tried the craziest ideas. And we entertained every notion we had about turning something backwards, upside down, seeing what could happen.” Similarly, the creative gates were wide open for all the musicians to take liberties on the songs for The Elephants of Mars and share a side of themselves they hadn’t previously been able to.

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