"Let It Hurt' is taken from the spectacular label debut 'Nectar'.
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SILENT SKIES on the new album:
“We are tremendously proud to announce our second record, Nectar, is out now! Nectar represents an expansion and an elevation of all things that make us who we are; simultaneously grander and more intimate, more futuristic yet more organic and thoughtful. This record represents who we are, and it means so much to both of us, that we cannot wait to hear your feedback on it.”

Vikram Shankar on “Let It Hurt”:
“To celebrate the release of Nectar, we are thrilled to unveil this video for 'Let It Hurt', directed with a subtle and artistic touch by our dear friend Patric Ullaeus. 'Let It Hurt' was one of the first pieces of music written for Nectar, and its composition was a dramatic catalyst for the way the rest of the album would turn out; writing and listening back to 'Let It Hurt' gave us immediate and intuitive visions of some of the new ground Nectar was to cover. It provides a window into some of the new sonic possibilities of the record, while simultaneously harkening back to the intimate core nucleus of SILENT SKIES that fans know well: piano, vocals, strings, and heart-rending honesty. We hope you enjoy Nectar as much as we enjoyed making it!”
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