SODOM - After The Deluge (Lyric Video)

'After The Deluge' is taken from Sodom's upcoming anniversary album '40 Years At War - The Greatest Hell Of Sodom' - out October 28th, 2022!

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Sodom: "We dedicate this lyric video to our recently deceased friend and former guitarist Uwe Christoffers. With this fantastic song he wrote for Sodom back in 1985, he stays alive for all eternity. We will forever hold him in our restless and blackened hearts!"

Tom Angelripper (bass, vocals)
Frank Blackfire (guitars)
Yorck Segatz (guitars)
Toni Merkel (drums)

Video created by Ingo Spörl for

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Take my soul to god!
It was a time when tyrants ruled the earth
Mankind's malice showed no remorse
His self-created empire troubled him highty
All pursuit of honor was so mighty
A father of three sons, called Noah, appeared
Inspired by god and religious
Rescued from all that wanted flesh
Flying with sons, women and beasts

Noah realized all to the protector's command
Alive on the ground
Forty days and forty nights
It shall be rain in the land of promise
On seventh day gates get open
Waters covered great mountains
All what a living Odem possessed
Died exterminated

Well of deep get clog, rain sink away
The waters decrease
He opens the windows of his wooden ark
As the ground dry up he leaves the dark
With all the living creatures
Increased by himself, fulfilled the earth
With fear and terror turned away

I will never more cursed the earth
For mankind's will
Their thoughts are evil in their youth
All I’ve done I repent
So long as the earth lived
Shouldn't stop sowing and crop
Frost and heat
Summer and winter
Day and night
Who spilled human blood?
That blood gets spilled by human being
And Noah realized it all
To the protector's command

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