STRIGOI - 'Hollow'

Watch Strigoi's brand new track 'Hollow', which is taken from the upcoming album 'Viscera'. Release date: September 30, 2022.

Unsettling: it’s a word which can be used to describe a good swathe of the music which has come from the mind of Greg Mackintosh (Paradise Lost) over the years, but in the context of Strigoi, it feels particularly apt. Formed immediately after previous side project Vallenfyre had run its course, Strigoi found Greg and Vallenfyre bassist Chris Casket reconfiguring the aesthetics of that band. Their 2019 debut, Abandon All Faith, was a notable transition, taking the crust punk, death metal and grind influences which had defined Vallenfyre and deriving from those an extreme music amalgam which was altogether more...well, unsettling. But if Abandon All Faith was a record where the memory of Vallenfyre exerted an inevitable, but important, influence, then second album Viscera is where Strigoi define and express themselves on their own terms.

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