After three albums, constant touring and steady upward success at Active Rock Radio, Sunflower Dead releases their fourth and most ambitiously dialed-in album to date, March Of The Leper (8/5/2022, via Bloody Bat Records). During the long uneasy months of the Covid-inflicted 2020, the main men of SFD, Michael and Jaboo, took a long hard look at themselves, what they have accomplished and where they stood in the grand scheme and realized that not only are they outcasts in the rock world but that they’re happy to accept this role as their own. The result is nine new tracks that come from a place of “Fuck It, If You Don’t Care then We Don’t Care and We’ll Just Do What We Do” for the Unwanted, the Uninvited, the Left Out, the Forgotten, the Outcasts and the Damned.\\

“Getting March Of The Leper released has been a back and forth nightmare behind the scenes for us over the past year and a half. Now that all that bullshit is done, we are happy to get it out for our Evil Seeds. This album is us at our most unaffected by anything else going on in the music world which led to us to a very honest look into who we are. The result is 9 tracks of Fuck It, If You Don’t Care then We Don’t Care and We’ll Just Do What We Do. Cheers to all the Outcasts!”

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Sunflower Dead is: 

Michael - Vocals, Accordion, Piano

Jaboo - Guitar

Kevin Vickers - Bass

Sam Hutchinson - Guitar

Jimmy Schultz - Drums

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