SVALBARD - Disparity

Re-discover SVALBARD's music video for Disparity, originally released in 2015.

Album: One Day All This Will End
Released: 2015
Listen to the album here:
Produced, Recorded and mixed by Lewis Johns
Mastered by Brad Boatright
Video by Liam Phelan



Transfixed upon the imperfections
Every rough edge of the presentation
I can pick apart all of my reasons
But still i can not rise above them.
Have you always been so perfect?
Always known how to play the game?
It’s starting to look that way
Your construct leaves no human trace
And in the ditch of your path i lay.
Nothing is coming together
Just fragmenting over and over
I need to stop putting my pen to paper
Lest i need one more hopeless reminder
One more portrait of a person
Who has failed to grow in any direction.
Resenting my petty resentments
Never truly alive in the moment
My eyes keep glaring inward
If only looks could kill my thoughts
So preoccupied with my escape
That i have become always away
But all i’m packing are my doubts
And a broken heart i can’t take out.
It’s so easy to fake the happiness now
To watch each other wield those smiles
Throwing people off the scent
Of years of futility and discontent.
There’s so much disparity
Between the perfect image and the empty reality
Ask what does it matter
Not what does it mean
When you can have all the answers
But they will push you deeper in
Endless, pointless circles.

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