TANITH - Snow Tiger

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Russ Tippins (guitars, vocals), Cindy Maynard (bass, vocals), and Keith Robinson (drums)
“We are super stoked for everyone to hear this track as it’s one of our favorites from the album. We really tried to up the ante with this one! As for the video, we wanted to share a glimpse of how we made this record. It really captures the spirit of our entire time in the studio.”

Returning to Brooklyn's Excello Recording and engineer Hugh Pool — the same combination used for tracking In Another Time — the band produced the album themselves, with Pool mixing. The sessions were a fun time for Tanith, again recording to tape rather than digital and utilizing vintage amps and speakers to find the best possible sounds for the instruments. "Just having the time every day all day to be in the music was a big deal and all of our energy went into this project even after leaving the studio," says Maynard. "We were thinking and breathing the music, constantly working on parts and ideas. We came in well prepared overall, and that gave us time to try out different sounds for different parts to get just the thing we were looking for." Given that they established themselves as a twin-guitar band on their debut they also brought in an extra player, Andee Blacksugar, best known for touring with Peter Murphy and as a member of KMFDM, now also a member of Blondie, who Robinson had played with before.

With the record fully realized, the band are eager for people to hear it, and they are confident that it is worth taking the time to listen to it — and experience it — in all its old school glory. Tippins says, "I can think of only two other rock bands in the entire world right now that records onto 24-track analog tape. If all you've ever known is digitally produced music you really need to listen to Voyage on vinyl and experience the difference. And I'm not talking about vinyl pressed from masters recorded on Pro Tools. At no point from tracking to pressing has any of the music on Voyage been digitized. It will open your eyes."

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