THE OCCULT - Watch You Die


Infusing 80's American punk with 90's rock n' roll and alt-metal, Montreal, Canada's The Occult is gearing up to release their debut self-titled album on August 19th, 2022.

Amidst the dark lyrical content such as murder, politics, and disdain for religion, The Occult is ultimately a celebratory band. They like to ensure that people leave the show with a smile. Hoping that people will forget their problems and become fully immersed in the music, they look to provide a transcendental experience. Well rehearsed, they don’t get on stage and wing it, they are dedicated, passionate, and meticulous about their music.

For the most part, each of the band’s songs starts with the vocals, a chorus melody that needs music to be written around it. Once that core of the song is done the rest starts taking shape. The sole songwriter, Eric Savanis was surprised with how simple it was to write - natural and innate. Constantly writing, he finished the thirteen tracks in a few months.

According to the band, this debut is the first step in what they hope is a long journey. They have a lot to say and think people will really dig the tunes. With a conglomeration of influences, especially stuff from the Seattle region in the early 90s, The Occult presents something that is both familiar and fresh. They are recommended for fans of Type O Negative, Life of Agony, Danzig, and Misfits.


Album Band Line Up:
Vocals: Eric Savanis
Rhythm/Lead Guitar & Back Vox/Co-Lead on Dots Vox: Alex Klimatiris (Purple Meadow)
Bass & Back Vox: Gianni Berretta (House of Dusk)
Drums: Justin Piedimonte (Immortal Guardian, ex-The Chronicles of Israfel)
Guest Vocals on Planet Pisces: Lord Fez Khan (ex- Crosstitution, Double Cross)



Watch you die

Cut off your fucking head
I'm gonna end your life
Dance on your grave tonight

Cut off your fucking head
I'm gonna end your life
I've got the devil in my eyes

Cut off your fucking head
Crying won’t change a thing
As this ceremony begins

Cut off your fucking head
I'm gonna end your life
Dance on your grave tonight

Cut off your fucking legs
Can’t run anymore
You pathetic fucking spore

Dance on your grave tonight
Under the moons waning light
The devil in my eyes, I wanna watch you die !!!!

Cut off your fucking head
I’m gonna smash your skull
Watch your brain explode

Cut off your fucking head
Celebrate & dine
Drink from your skull tonight

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