THE OCEAN - Phanerozoic II (Live At Roadburn Redux) (FULL ALBUM)

The Ocean -Phanerozoic II (Live At Roadburn Redux). Stream it here:

01. Triassic (0:00)
02. Jurassic | Cretaceous (09:19)
03. Palaeocene (22:40)
04. Eocene (26:43)
05. Oligocene (30:50)
06. Miocene | Pliocene (34:52)
07. Pleistocene (40:17)
08. Holocene (46:58)

"We wanted to give people 2 totally different experiences with these 2 shows. Phanerozoic I was streamed live from a venue in the port of Bremen, with big lighting production, kind of the way people know us. For Phanerozoic II, we wanted to do something more cinematic visually, and at the same time more intimate. We wanted to capture the feeling of the 6 of us in a relatively small, confined space, facing each other, in a circle... without a stage or a crowd being any part of this equation. It was March and the room that we spent the whole day in was cold, but that was part of the vibe. We had to warm up our fingers constantly.” comments the band.

Mixed by Chris Edrich
Mastering by Atelier Mastering

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