THEODOR BASTARD - The Show Must Go On (Queen cover)

Check out Theodor Bastard's beautiful cover version of "The Show Must Go On", which was originally released by Queen.

Theodor Bastard comment:
"You got it right, the original "The Show Must Go On" is optimistic and passionate, but in the twisted mirror of today's world, it becomes only a bitter grin and a requiem for gone times. The show might be continued only by lichens and earthworms soon. That's why this song is not really a cover. The music video and the single were conceived by Theodor Bastard as the second part of the "Les" dilogy - hence the cover depicting the heroine with a blindfold. The words of the song "Les" - "Without thinking abd thoughts, in the dark at random..." can be an apt description of our entire society, blinded by hatred and enmity. Which might begin to see clearly sooner or later.
And the sounds of the Geiger counter, sounding in the video, every day become closer and closer, no longer a fantastic part of our reality. Like the collapse of everything familiar too. From matter to anti-matter. From cover to anti-cover. But the end of all this is always the same: the chasing wolves become skins on the shaman shoulders, that's all. "Earth to earth, ashes to ashes, dust to dust."

Theodor Bastard is:
Fedor Svolotch - dulcimer, samplers, vocal
Yana Veva - vocal, bawu, ocarina
Kusas - percussions, winds
Alexey Kalinovskiy - keyboards
Sergey Smirnov – drums
Ekaterina Dolmatova – back vocal
Slava Salikov – cello, morin khuur

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