VANDERLUST - Orphan Planet

Cosmic Metal VANDERLUST released Orphan Planet Official Music Video taken from self-titled debut album coming out April 15, 2022

"Orphan Planet is a more proggy track. The riffs are complex, but the song has also fast and catchy melodic phrases. Around the end, the song gets heavier and heavier with a powerful falsetto vocal section. What if an orphan planet would enter our solar system? And what if this planet would have traces of an extinct alien form of life?" adds the band.


Directed and edited by : Luca Manfredi (
Set photographer : Lumetrì ( )
Drone shots : Tony Aiello ( )

"Filmed at Punta Falcone Observatory in Piombino

Birthed to travel the cosmos, Italy's Vanderlust is a power-heavy metal band with prog-thrash influences that tells tales of space travels, astronomy, space engineering, and sci-fi adventures.

"We tried to mix a prog-thrashy riffing in the roots of Megadeth, Vektor and Tool with epic vocal parts like Iron Maiden, Helloween, Angra, and Lione’s Rhapsody. We also put sci-fi elements in our songs, so you can hear also something from Voivod." adds the band.

This debut recording is like a stellar system with 12 different planets. The star at the center of the system represents the heavy-power metal around all the songs revolving. Despite all the tracks being irradiated by the same light, they are all different from each other. Vanderlust has fast thrash, slow and doom, shiny and brilliant to grunge, and darker songs. Like planets, which appear like simple small bright spots, but in reality, are all big worlds, Vanderlust's songs are more complex than they sound at first listen. In fact, you can easily sing along to some of the choruses even if there are complex riffs in the background. Vanderlust is particularly proud of the participation of opera singer Letizia Cappellini who does vocals on select tracks and helps the band further expand the vocal register of their compositions. The band also adds the presence of synths and electronic elements to the compositions to set the sci-fi mood of the lyrics.

Vanderlust is recommended for fans of Iron Maiden, Angra, Tool, Helloween, and Vektor.

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