VARIUS - Golden Crown (Lyric)


“Concordance” is the latest EP from Canadian melodic death metal act Varius and now, their single “Lament of Dissonance” has a lyric video to go with it. Varius (various in Latin) pride themselves on being diverse, experimental, and constantly challenging the constraints of genres.  This track was originally written as piano parts by drummer Vlad Prokhorov and then reworked for guitar and bass.

This song has the most traditional chorus part of any Varius song to date and incorporates a little bit of clean backing vocals. After the first few verses, the song gives way into even more crushing riffs and a strong guitar solo. The end of the song transitions into one of their signature Varius experimental moments, which takes the listener through a jazzy outro. Lyrically, the song describes a brilliant creative person cracking under the pressure of expectations of his audience.


Lyric Videos
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