VIS MISTICA - Whispering Winds of Fate (feat. Jonas Heidgert) (lyric video)


Our newest tale featuring Jonas Heidgert from Dragonland!


Through the veil of mists there lies a place

untouched and lost to time

In the center of a maelstrom of stars it waits

Sentient it reaches out

calling distant cosmic shores

In a silent tongue it beckons for you and I

Green verdant fields and silent sands

Cimmerian canyons, burning plains

Cerulean seas of endless waves

One quiet

Voice in the air

so beguiling

Calling to me as an astral siren

Song of the wind

Divining the 

light and the dark

of this world

Whispering winds of fate

Echoes from an ancient force

I can feel you

Celestial might

Courses through my very soul

On the whispering winds of fate

 Nine holy ships rest in the sky

Temples praising them below

And betwixt the sun lie two moons of dark and light

In balance all things must remain

As a shadow in the flame

Between love and hate the truth shall always lie

Ashla and Bogan guide my way

Bendu shall orchestrate my fate

And as my cosmic powers rise

I feel the

Call of the dark

Cold and tempting

Singing to me with a serpent's tongue it

Comes as a storm

So unyielding

Breaking the Earth

Of this world




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