VOIVOD - Quest For Nothing

VOIVOD – Quest For Northing (OFFICIAL VIDEO)
Taken from the Album "Synchro Anarchy"
Order now: https://voivodband.lnk.to/SynchroAnarchyID

Video created by Luc Leclerc / Above The Void
Music: Voïvod

Lyrics: Denis “Snake” Belanger

Voïvod are:
Drums: Michel “Away” Langevin
Voice: Denis “Snake” Belanger
Guitar & backing vocalist: Daniel “Chewy” Mongrain
Bass & backing vocalist: Dominic “Rocky” Laroche

Mandolin: Chewy
Gang Vocals: Chewy, Rocky and Snake

Daniel “Chewy” Mongrain is endorsed by Lapointe Amp, Bond Instruments, Dimarzio Pickups, Sophia tremolos, D’Addario Strings, Graph Tech guitar labs

Recording and mixing: Francis Perron at RadicArt Studio - Québec - Canada / https://radicart.net/

Mastering: Maor Appelbaum at Maor Appelbaum Mastering - California - U.S.A / https://maorappelbaum.com/

Produced by Voïvod.

Quest For Nothing – Lyrics:

In this race another day
You've been driven all your life
There is no exit to get off
Always running for something
Since your birth the chase is on
You're searching for a hideout

Where's that place called liberty?
When will I be satisfied?
What's this inhumanity?
How freedom became a lie

Feels like being thrown in orbit
Endless comeback to the start
You are only passing by
It is a quest for nothing
Always a new beginning
Until you find out it's not

I want anti-gravity!!!

Busy day, overnight
Run-down until you lie dead!
The next day, overtime
Until you pass out brain dead!

I don't question
The no reasons
I am an ant
I don't refute
Just execute
I am an ant

Get stressed out, as you crawl
Carry the weight til you're knocked dead!
Stumble, fall, now endure
Under pressure til you're crushed dead!

In all and all
I am so small
A grain of sand

Vacation, settle down,
Your face hits the ground, flat dead!
Have no fun, so worn out
Let's get back to work, still dead!

In all and all
I am so small
A grain of sand
I am an ant

This one life is the only one I have
This whole life I wouldn't give it away

Never want to go
Never want to go
Ever…no way
Never want to go
Never want to go
But I will someday

Endlessly I wish I could live for
Eternity, I'll never die coz I

Never want to go
Never want to go
Ever…no way

Opeth + VOIVOD – European Tour 2022:
Thu. 10.11.2022 Copenhagen (Denmark) - Grey Hall
Sat. 12.11.2022 Wiesbaden (Germany) - Schlachthof
Mon. 14.11.2022 Berlin (Germany) - Admiral Palast
Tue. 15.11.2022 Wuppertal (Germany) - Historische Posthalle
Wed. 16.11.2022 Paris (France) - Pleyel
Fri. 18.11.2022 London (UK) - Eventim Apolo
Sat. 19.11.2022 Utrecht (The Netherlands) - Tivoli Vredenburg Grote Zaal (Sold out!)
Sun. 20.11.2022 Utrecht (The Netherlands) - Tivoli Vredenburg Ronda
Mon. 21.11.2022 Zurich (Switzerland) - Komplex
Wed. 23.11.2022 Barcelona (Spain) - Razzamatazz
Thu. 24.11.2022 Bilbao (Spain) - Santana 27
Fri. 25.11.2022 Madrid (Spain) - La Riviera
Sat. 26.11.2022 Lisboa (Portugal) - Sala Tejo

VOIVOD live 2022:
Fri. 11.11.2022 Hamburg (Germany) - Indra + Liquid God
Mon. 28.11.2022 Athens (Greece) - Temple
Tue. 29.11.2022 Thessaloniki (Greece) - Eightball Club
Fri. 02.12.2022 Instanbul (Turkey) - Blind + Nekropsi
Tue. 06.12.2022 Mezzago (Italy) - Bloom
Wed. 07.12.2022 Cagliari (Italy) - CuevaRock
Thu. 08.12.2022 Rome (Italy) - Traffic Club
Fri. 09.12.2022 Bari (Italy) - Demodè Club

VOIVOD live 2023:
15-16.04.2023 Eindhoven (The Netherlands) - Effenaar / Prognosis Festival
22-23.04.2023 London (UK) - Indigo at the O2 / Prognosis Festival

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