AMPUTATE - Plague Upon Plague (Visualizer)

"Plague Upon Plague" is featured on AMPUTATE's album "Dawn Of Annihilation" - out on 14/10/2022 via Massacre Records - get it here »

Video produced by Aimed & Framed //

+ + + LYRICS + + +

(Plague upon plague)

Parasitic host
Computerize divinity
To achieve mortality

Creators of plagues
To infect and decimate
The living flesh

Sinking into
An ocean of filth
Is humanity’s fate

Living crypts
Procession of the damned
Towards the depths

Depths (depths)
Infectious (infectious)

Bacterium infectum on the water supply
Utopia is morphing in a necrotic sight

Pestilence, cancer, leprosy, malaria
Black death, ebola, polio, gonorrhea

Mutating as one (one, one)

Test phase: hope - results displayed far from the best
Test phase: rise - they died
Test phase: fight - few live, casualties are too great
Test phase: change - finally we found a cure
Stand up, let’s now fight our way

Plague upon plague
Plague upon plague

As dark are the days ahead
A glimpse of salvation as now
Been seen

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