JOEYDIABOLIC to release 'Se7en' on July


Solo artist, composer and multi-instrumentalist JoeyDiabolic has announced the release of his new EP, ‘Se7en’ arriving to all digital music platforms on July 7th, 2022.

This offering includes four new originals “Welcome To The Upside Down”, “Dead Souls That Lost Their Way Home”, “From Dusk Till Dawn” and “Disillusion” as well as remixes of ’Through Soundwaves’ era renditions “A Forest (LV-426 Distress Edit)”, “Save Yourself (Vogue Edit)” and “Nightmare (feat. Mama Doom)” remixed by Kai Rez of Visions of Empyrean.

Included in this 27 minute release:

01. Welcome To The Upside Down

02. A Forest (LV-426 Distress Edit)

03. Nightmare feat. MaMa Doom (VoE Remix)

04. Dead Souls That Lost Their Way Home

05. Save Yourself (Vogue Edit)

06. From Dusk Till Dawn

07. Disillusion

When asked about the ‘Se7en’ release, Diabolic had this to say…

“I had an idea, about a decade ago… for a concept EP based on the “Se7en’ film. Each song would have pertained to each theme of a deadly sin, though nothing beyond the initial concept developed, so it was shelved.

After the ‘Through Soundwaves’ series and box set releases, I was thinking of ways to get a bit more mileage out of all that work and also release, I guess, transitional material that would set up my current and future audience for future releases… to get comfortable with musical avenues I would be exploring.

Each song on ‘Se7en’ is inspired by films I really dig… some of which are in my all-time Top 5 favorites. The challenge overall was channeling the vibe and atmospheres of each film.”

Films to Songs…

Escape From NY’ // “Welcome To The Upside Down” 

‘Aliens (1986)’ // “A Forest (LV-426 Distress Edit)”

‘A Nightmare on Elm Street 4: The Dream Master’ // Nightmare feat. MaMa Doom (VoE Remix)

‘The Crow’ // “Dead Souls That Lost Their Way Home”

‘’The Matrix’’ // “Save Yourself (Vogue Edit)” & “From Dusk Till Dawn”

’Se7en’ // “Disillusion”

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