CONJURER - It Dwells

UK Metal heavyweights CONJURER announced their upcoming new album PATHOS and kick things off with a brand new music video for "It Dwells".



Produced by Cineoteric Films
Director - David Gregory
Director of Photography - James Morgan
MUA/VFX - Maria Monteiro
Performance - Jon Kerr & Jack Brydon

Audio produced by Conjurer
Engineered by Daíthi Fa Rah, Greg Chandler, & Conjurer @ The Priory & Excalibur Cottage
Mixed & Mastered by Will Putney @ Graphic Nature

Stranded in this crowded room,
But while they'll leave, you'll still refuse.
Always lurking; waiting; watching on,
As your sick’ning presence wears my will ‘til it breaks

Depriving me of sleep, of joy, of sanity.
Never seen but always there.
I feel it breathing down my neck,
From across the room

When all have washed their hands of me
You’ll stay true
A loyalty I had never sought
But one I’ll never lose

Please let me sleep

Chilling air
On my skin
It pulls the fibres
Taut to pluck

Leave me be, leave me be
Let me sleep, let me sleep

I’ll brave any tide in the ocean
If, us both, its depths would claim
I’ll dive from the highest peak
If it means you will plummet the same

One day I will find peace
Come what may

I’ll have peace
I will find my peace

#Conjurer #SludgeMetal #PostMetal
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