CORELEONI - Purple Dynamite

CORELEONI – “Purple Dynamite” from their upcoming album “III” (release date May 13th, 2022)

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"III" is available as a 2-CD digipak (incl. 4-track bonus CD), coloured vinyl and as a limited edition boxset (incl. colored vinyl, a bonus 10inch vinyl with 4 bonus tracks, sliptmat, bottle opener keychain, poster, guitar pick set & certificate).

Video credits:
Shooting and Editing: Maurizio Del Piccolo
Dancer: Angelica Gismondo
Make up Artist: Olga Sammarini

Special Thanx to:
Gianni Ochsner Servizi Pubblici SA - Lamone
Melanie Spengler
Harley Davidson Lugano

The Swiss Hard Rock Superstars CORELEONI with their third album "III", feat. Leo Leoni (guitar, GOTTHARD)

Purple Dynamite

Oh, that way you look so fine,
always feeling out of sight,
you’re my velvet Aphrodite

Though you really are so high,
in the sky my satellite,
with your marmalade eyes

Wanna take you for a ride,
rev my motor you ignite,
faster than the speed of light,
Sha na na na na,
You take me higher than a kite,
a ticket to a one-way flight,
you’re like steaming Fahrenheit

Yeah, oh yeah,
Love the way you expedite,
You’re Purple Dynamite

Like you really in the mood,
sometimes gives you attitude,
love it when you’re really rude
Always something there to say,
people look the other way,
higher than the altitude

Is she looking for a fight,
she is colder than thin ice,
make me run a traffic light

Yeah, oh yeah,
you’re my poison suicide,
you’re my Purple Dynamite
Yeah, oh yeah,
love to take you for a bite,
You’re my Purple Dynamite

Excuse me while I kiss the sky (Maybe!)

Music: Massimo Leoni/Mila Merker/Igor Gianola
Lyrics: D. Lee

Recorded by Davide Pagano and Leo Leoni at Yellowhouse Studio
Mixed by Charlie Bauerfeind
Mastered by Mastered by Busy @ TrueBusyness Music

Artwork by Ekaterina Bosova Leonova

BAND are:
Eugent Bushpepa | Vocals
Leo Leoni | Guitars
Jgor Gianola | Guitars
Mila Merker | Bass
Alex Motta | Drums

BAND online:


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