HARMS WAY - Common Suffering (FULL ALBUM)

ARTIST: Harms Way
ALBUM: Common Suffering
RELEASE DATE: 09/29/2023

US Store: https://metalblade.indiemerch.com/collections/harms-way
EU Store: https://eu.kingsroadmerch.com/metal-blade/artist/1349

01. Silent Wolf (00:00)
02. Denial (02:45)
03. Hollow Cry (05:48)
04. Devour (08:57)
05. Undertow [feat. King Woman] (11:37)
06. Heaven's Call (15:19)
07. Cyanide (19:23)
08. Terrorizer (23:07)
09. Sadist Guilt (26:35)
10. Wanderer (30:30)

The title "Common Suffering" is a clear nod to the collective experiences of the past three years of chaos, misanthropy, paranoia, disorder, confusion and anxiety, with the band exploring themes ranging from personal struggles with mental health, relationships, political upheaval, corruption, and political power. Pligge, who Decibel called "maybe the best vocalist in hardcore right now," digs deep into these subjects such as the track "Cyanide," which examines the expansion of media outlets, the correlative rise of disinformation, and the pervasive impact it has on people's lives and systems of power. Additional tracks include "Devour," which examines the impact of toxic people in one's life, the highly personal "Hollow Cry," where Pligge explores his own humanity and relationships, and the somewhat improbable "Undertow," which features the haunting vocals or Kristina Esfandiari--AKA King Woman--who adds a whole new dimension to the record and helps exhibit the band's willingness to push into uncharted territory.

As masterful and impressive as the LP is, the precision-guided cluster bombs that make up "Common Suffering" are just ten more reasons for Harm's Way fans to queue up to see one of the best and most vicious live shows on the planet. There, amongst the wide smiles, flailing arms and bodies pinballing off of the edges of the pit, is where the world will see just how singular and uncommon the new effort is.

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