INGESTED - All I've Lost (Drum Playthrough)

Drummer Lyn Jeffs performs "All I've Lost" from Ingested's "Ashes Lie Still" album.
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The album title comes from its lead off track, the lyrics penned by Hynes, and is primarily about his father dying suddenly at the start of the pandemic and him not being able to say goodbye in a proper way. "Losing a parent is obviously a big moment in anyone's life, and there were collective and individual battles we were all dealing with over this period and for many years to be honest. We all thought that Sean's lyrics for "Ashes Lie Still" encapsulated everything perfectly, so we decided the album title based on that. It's turned the entire process into quite a cathartic experience for us all, we've never really had that feeling with an album before." Lyrically, across the record they draw from personal experiences, feelings, thoughts and perspectives, taking in the ups and downs of life, making for songs that are very relatable. "Echoes Of Hate" is about the experience of being physically attacked by someone who was supposed to be a family member, and the subsequent fallout of the situation, while "All I've Lost" is about addiction, and the cost and effect it has on loved ones. Then there is "Shadows In Time", which is about casting off shackles, and leaving negative people behind, both in everyday life and in their career.

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