Drummer Lyn Jeffs performs the title track from Ingested's "Ashes Lie Still" album.
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The flagbearers of modern UK death metal, INGESTED, have been churning out bilious anti-anthems for more than a decade and a half, dropping a string of releases that have helped shape the genre. In 2022, they return with the digital single Ashes Lie Still, featuring Julia Frau.

"Ashes Lie Still was written in my darkest times, my father suddenly passed away while I was on tour and the very next day Covid halted our career for over two years. You can hear my pain and frustration musically as well as lyrically; it's a dark, brooding piece and Julia compliments the feel of the track perfectly. It's an incredibly personal song to me and I'm proud it's the first single from our Metal Blade debut," comments guitarist and backing vocalist Sean Hynes.

The new single was co-produced by the band and previous collaborator Nico Beninato, Jeffs living close to Beninato's studio in Mallorca and recording his drums there, while Hynes recorded his guitars at home in the UK with the producer assisting remotely. Vocal tracking was interrupted by Evans falling seriously ill when finally making it to Mallorca and was ultimately tracked back in Manchester. Bass was again supplied by Dominic Grimard (Ion Dissonance/The Last Felony).

Founded in 2006 in Manchester, England, Ingested have since toured extensively with Cannibal Corpse, The Black Dahlia Murder, Nile, Carnifex, Revocation, and have been seen on European festival stages including Summer Breeze Open Air. The band earned Billboard chart entries in 2018 with their album "The Level Above Human," and saw chart action again with their 2020 release "Where Only Gods May Tread". Slimmed down to a three piece - comprising of drummer Lyn Jeffs, guitarist/backing vocalist Sean Hynes and vocalist Jason Evans - the band feel they are in the best place that they have ever been, enabling them to work at the top of their game. "Being signed to Metal Blade Records is an important moment for the band so we've made sure that this is the most complete album we've ever produced. We've grown exponentially as songwriters and people, this album has a darker, more mature feel to it that we think any fan of death metal or metal in general will love. It's got an energy to it that's hard to describe, you can just feel it when you hear it."

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