This song represents the relationship between an artist who wants nothing more than to have the freedom and the ability to express and share and grow but is trapped by the demands of survival in an oversaturated society incapable of supporting the true diversity of each individual. We just want nothing more than to make our art and share the experience with as many people as we can. Most of us are struggling out there in some way, and a lot of us are on the verge of giving up on everything because we don't have the life we dream of, constantly reminded everywhere we go by someone who is succeeding while we struggle to survive. So whether you're an artist, a mechanic, a doctor, or just a single mother or father with barely enough time for their family, let alone themselves, everyone deals with darkness in their life at some point. This song is a reminder that no matter what may get in the way, never lose focus on what makes you yourself, and never give up on what gives you joy.

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I wish I could focus on my body of work, there’s just too much pressure to be what it’s worth.
I know we can consent to my body at work and make it all cohesive.
I’m not just here for the sex, I’m addicted to it all. I’ll still feel alive transiting the stars if my eyes close before yours…
Paying for progress with insatiable debt and left with no time. Place my horrors in your crucible and burn them all tonight. All of you watching from your windows; what I’m becoming. I’m afraid I can’t stop it ‘cause I’m left with no time.
Every day I start with malice in my heart. Take me away, halt my decay.
Every day I start with malice in my heart.
Take it away.
Each and every day I just want to focus on my body of work.
There’s just too much pressure to be what it’s worth. I just want to focus on this body at work and make a life worth living today.

Music written and recoded by Grant MacKenzie and Kenny Parry.
Video performance by Grant MacKenzie, Kenny Parry, John-Ryan Godfrey, Nathaniel Reynolds-Welsh
Video filmed by Jake Smith and Marlin Devilliers of Studio 204
Video edited and colour graded by Grant MacKenzie
Song recorded and mixed at Shadow Studio Canada by Zane Hawley
Song Mastered at JCM Mastering Toronto by João Carvalho

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