KARL SANDERS - The Evil Inherent In Us All

Upcoming Solo Album, Saurian Apocalypse, out this Friday, July 22!

Previous Solo Albums Saurian Meditation (2004) and Saurian Exorcisms (2009) Re-Issued, Available on Vinyl for the First Time!
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KARL SANDERS says about "The Evil Inherent in us All":
“I am really happy with how this song turned out. 'The Evil Inherent in us All' was a lot of fun to write and record. The song was inspired by an infamous night in Cairo when Egyptian Metal Artist, Impresario, and underground legend Nader Sadek took Derek Roddy, Mahmud Gecekesu and me to a performance of authentic North African Exorcism Music. The unbelievable, highly advanced and intuitive ensemble musicianship we witnessed that night was unforgettable and really opened my eyes and ears to an entire wealth of new music. In keeping with that profoundly moving communal spirit of subtle yet intense shared musical frenzy among the performers, The Evil Inherent has two close friends of mine contributing some serious musical voodoo to the track. Original Nile drummer and lifelong friend Pete Hammoura conjures all manner of wickedly grooving percussion, and our metal brother Rusty Cooley lays down some truly unique acoustic guitar exorcisms.”

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