METRO SOCIETY - City Streets (Lyric video)


METRO SOCIETY is a progressive metal project group from the mind of guitarist/songwriter Chris Mangold. Mangold teamed up with bassist Ian Ringler (Magnitude 9 / Pysco Drama) to collaborate on writing the music for a new project. The second album concept started to take form between Ian Ringler and Chris Mangold in 2019. Continuing with the concept album approach, the story origin would be based in London, 1898 set ten years after Jack the Ripper murders. It follows a young Detective investigating the suspicious death of his former mentor, the now retired Metropolitan Police Commissioner. The second album, “The London Conspiracy Chapter I 1898” will be released in early 2024. The line-up consists once again of guitarist/keys Chris Mangold, bassist Ian Ringler, and drummer Will Mangold. The band then enlisted the vocal talents of session vocalist George Margaritopoulos (Wardrum) to complete the roster for the London album.

The final recording, production, and mixing was a joint effort between the band and Rob Murray and Kyle from Wilderfox Studio. It is recommended for fans of Dream Theater, Porcupine Tree, and Threshold.

The London Conspiracy Chapter I 1898 is due out on March 1, 2024, and available for preorder on Bandcamp:

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Metro Society is:
Chris Mangold - Guitars/Keys
Ian Ringler - Bass Guitar / 12 String Bass
Will Mangold - Drums
George Margaritopoulos - Vocals

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