PADDY AND THE RATS - After The Rain (Lyric Video)

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PADDY AND THE RATS on “After The Rain”:
“This album became very important to us because this is the last thing that Bernie recorded in his life.
We’d like to dedicate the first single of the album to Bernie and to express all our emotions through the song we release first. That’s why we’ve chosen ‘After The Rain’. It’s a sad song but it also has a fully positive vibe. Sadness and desperation are there through the whole song, but meanwhile, you can feel something powerful when the pipe and the accordion come in at the drop. It conveys the feeling that you have to be strong and you have to move on. The last line in the chorus says: ‘After the rain, sunshine will never be the same’.
I think this is the essence of the song. The absence of Bernie will be more endurable with time, but nothing will ever be the same without him.”

Video by Fauer Csaba
Song written by Paddy Costello, Sam McKenzie, Zoli Baker

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