PADDY AND THE RATS - Everybody Get Up

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Music: Paddy Costello, Zoli Baker
Lyrics: Paddy Costello, Joey MacOnkay

Production company: Pixel Film -

Director: Tokay Peter
DOP: Szin Robert
Production manager: Szonyi Zsofia
1st AD: Guba Gergo
Assistant: Tokay Reka
Make up: Szonyi Zsofia
Technician: Bagi Attila
Editor: Tokay Peter
Colorist: Guba Gergo

Paddy And The Rats on “Everybody Get Up”:
“We shot quite an unusual video for our new single, ’Everybody Get Up’. The song itself sticks out of the line a little bit, because it has a kind of hip hop vibe like our childhood favourite bands, the Beastie Boys or the Run DMC that is not typical of us. We wanted to visualize it, so we are wearing absolute different style clothing in the clip, summoning the New York hip hop and hardcore bands outfit of the 80’s. We made a very cool and funny mood video that can’t be taken serious, at all. So many bad things happened to us recently that we needed some happiness, at last. So we took our teenage ourselves out again and were just fooling around.”

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