REVOCATION - Diabolical Majesty


Director, Cinematography - David Brodsky for My Good Eye: Music Visuals (
Producer, Cinematography, Editor - Allison Woest for My Good Eye: Music Visuals
Lighting Director - Adam Pernick
Grip/Electric - Lindsey Fehr
Production Assistant - Mason Brown
Production Assistant - Michael Miller
Location Manager - Joss "Frenchie" Hay
Special Thanks - George Fiorini, Sk8 Liborius

Fallen disciples praising the exalted goat
But we bow down to no man
Satanic rites of empathy and equality
Deemed “demonic” by the lamb

Worshipping at the chapel of the adversary
Missionaries of your infernal majesty

Monoliths of the diabolical erected in defiance, against the servants of the light
Champions of hell have been invoked to crush the cursed creatures of the Christian right
Countless heretics maimed, hung by the noose in his name or viciously slain by their weapons of hate
Hades’ gates now overflow with burning souls
Onward to victory! Set their commandments ablaze

Cast down from the heavens
Plunged into the vermillion pit
Forsaken by your lord on high
For untold centuries our legions have multiplied
Now Satan’s forces spread like lice

Our shadow descends upon these holy grounds
The effigy of the dark one now rises
Blasphemous triumph
We stand victorious before oppressive messiahs

Worshipping at the chapel of the adversary
We embody the anti-trinity

#revocation #diabolicalmajesty #netherheaven
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