REVOCATION - Godforsaken

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Director, Cinematography, Editor:
David Brodsky for My Good Eye: Music Visuals (

Producer, Cinematography, Editor:
Allison Woest for My Good Eye: Music Visuals

Editor : TheMike Compitello
Lighting Director : Adam Pernick
Grip/Electric : Lindsey Fehr
Production Assistant : Mason Brown
Production Assistant : Michael Miller
Location Manager : Joss "Frenchie" Hay
Special Thanks : George Fiorini, Sk8 Liborius

Worshipping at his altar
Hands outstretched in praise
This cult of revelation awaiting the end of days
Looking down from the heavens
Celestial eyes filled with disdain
There will be no ascension for our godforsaken race

A choir of ghouls echoing below
Chanting vile hymns from the depths
The jaws of the dragon open wide
Welcoming you with its fiery breath

No path to salvation in this holy book
Denied the answers you seek
Your tortured screams go unanswered
Your pitiful prayers were too weak

Plague spreads like the fevers of Perinthus
As locust swarm the skies
Civilizations swallowed by cataclysmic floods
Volcanic fissures rupture continents
Plunging all of humanity into lakes of boiling blood

The all-consuming vermillion flame
Devourer of God’s failed creations

Inverted rapture
Rejected spirits heaved into the abyss
Forsaken salvation
Sentenced to the eternal burning pit

#revocation #heavymetal #shredguitar
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