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Phil Demmel and Bobby Gustafson rip through the riffs in "Flesh from Bone" from the "Let the World Burn" EP.

Formed in 1985, Oakland thrashers Vio-Lence helped define and refine what came to be known as the Bay Area sound, dropping three seminal albums before splitting in 1993. Leaving behind a heady legacy, they reformed briefly a couple of times in the intervening years before becoming a full-time going concern once more in 2019. After playing a string of successful shows, the quintet started to think about new music and in 2022 they deliver Let The World Burn, a five-song EP showcasing their first new material in 29 years, which delivers on the classic Vio-Lence sound. "That came very naturally," states founding guitarist Phil Demmel. "I hadn't written a lot of thrash in the past 17 years or so but being the main songwriter for the band over the years I wanted that sound, I wanted that mid-80s raw thing, but I also wanted to capture our signature notes and structures and stuff like that." Elaborates vocalist Sean Killian, "Each song has its own individual sound, they are all very thrash metal, there are grinding riffs, technical riffs, and plenty of speed. The lyrics are written freely with no restrictions and without compromise while the vocal patterns are typically unusual and delivered with a multitude of emotions."

The album was tracked in Trident Studios in Pacheco, California by Juan Urteaga (Machine Head, Exodus), mixed by Tue Madsen (Dark Tranquillity, Heaven Shall Burn) and mastered by Ted Jensen (Alice In Chains, Death Angel), and the sessions went smoothly, with Demmel tracking his solos at home. "It was nice to be able to play things fifty times. I wanted to play all the solos single pass, which is something that I hadn't done for a while, everything had been kinda punched in and chopped up, so it's not all fluid, and these ones might not be first pass but they're one pass. I want to be able to play them the way they're supposed to be played, and I'm really proud of them." With the EP dropping in March the band plan to tour as much as possible through the spring and summer, and are already writing its followup. "I'd like to do another EP rather than an album, and we're working on the songs for it already, and hopefully we'll get in to record by next fall," says Demmel. "We want to constantly be releasing music, and constantly doing shows. At this stage we're excited for everybody who's still excited for this band. To them I say thank you for still listening to and supporting us, we're excited to come play, so spread the Vio-Lence."

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