HETEROCHROME - Badbadak (The Flight)


Official music video for the song Badbadak (The Flight) from the Iranian Metal band Heterochrome.


Try to keep your head above the water
Feel the pressure where there’s no room left to breathe
All the guilt and shame and all that sorrow, spreading through the air
Do you ever wonder how to break free?

پرواز پروانه های سپید، گريز از سرنوشتی بی اميد
شليک شكارچيان سياه، رد خون گلوله های گناه
دستان نگهبانان نادان، شروع شعله های سوزان
نبردی كه هيچكس نبرد، و مرگی كه خاموش نشد

Try to close your eyes, on all the pain
Feel the tear of bullets and fire on your skin
All the lies they tell and tortures you’ve endured
They will never let you spread your wings and reach a cure

خروش آواز سيمرغ، از آغاز زمان
سقوط كنام از قله ی قاف، قعر دره ی تير و كمان
شمشير خيانت و ظلم، شكستن زير تيغ ضحاک
نبردی كه هيچكس نبرد، و مرگی كه خاموش نشد

Directed by Mani Zonoozi
Camera by Erdinc Bashan, Sadaf Ahmadbeigi
Music by Heterochrome
Electric Bass by Ville Veihola
Audio Engineering by Amir Taghavi, Reza Sadeghi,
Production and Mixing by Arash Rezaei
Mastering by Danny Klaven
Graphic Designing by Ghazal Jenab


All rights reserved by Heterochrome 2022

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