ODINFIST - Deadline (audio)


From the upcoming new full-length album of trad metal mayhem, Remade in Steel (March 10th, 2023)


Minutes crawl, hours fly past me with cruel abandon
The tolling of the bell, it's calling, it hunts for me
Am I dying? Or just waiting? No difference, staring through blank eyes
Please help me, just leave me, with hour hand I dig my grave

End of the line, ran out of time
I feel the panic choking me
The fear surrounds, the pain compounds
The seconds ticking faster now
I've lost control (Deadline), my mind implodes (Deadline)
Crashing down, insanity (Deadline)
The darkness falls (Deadline), I hear the call (Deadline)
The Deadline hanging over me

Ah ah ah
Hanging over me
Who was he? I don't know myself anymore
I see him, he's screaming
Can't hang on forevermore

Deadline ticking closer, hanging over me

Time is taking time from me, I've wasted it all away
I've come to the end of the line, is this all there is for me?
Emptiness is all I see in every direction
The time I took was never free, I hear it toll for me now

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