ODINFIST - Metalmancer (audio)


From the upcoming new full-length album of trad metal mayhem, Remade in Steel (March 10th, 2023)

I am the Metalmancer, keeper of the true
You're looking for the answer at a price you never knew
Metal from my summoning, the weapons that you need
Fight back from suffering, for metal will succeed

There's something wrong, you don't understand why your wrists and feet are in chains
You've lived a life, only inching forth, before your master pulls the reins
Deep down inside you scream within, for independence feels insane
No longer will you eat these scraps, for there is an end to this pain

You've had the truth, within your grasp, hidden in plain sight
The ones you love, the ones you've lost, the source of all your might
Battle waged with sacrifice, demons make the score
Killing time you never had, your inner voices roar

Metalmancer, Metalmancer, Metalmancer, Metalmancer...

Left alone way too young, a leader you've become
To the evil, you bare your fangs, for you will not succumb
Living in this ancient world, the Metalmancer sang
Now in the night, the Hooded One will hang

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