ODINFIST - Riffmaster (2023)


From the upcoming new full-length album of trad metal mayhem, Remade in Steel (March 10th, 2023)
Digital pre-order: https://odinfist.bandcamp.com/album/remade-in-steel 

A tome of black magic is clutched in his palm
Within he holds every riff, every song
He blessed the mortals with the notes that we shred
Metal was formed from the blood that he shed
Cloaked in midnight, The Riffmaster, he rides
Blazing with fury and flame
Fall to the ground, worship his mighty sound
In reverence cry out his name

Our world will not be the same, cry out his name...


He rides a steed of pure molten steel
Bestowing the gift of true metal that's real
The unworthy scream and run from his sight
As he scours the land with his power and might

So gather your riffs for the judgment he brings
If you are worthy, your praises he'll sing
You may be chosen to fight by his side
For true metal's glory, into battle ride

Fight by his side, for true metal, ride!


He is arrived, will you answer the call? If we are one, we can't fall
Stand and be counted and rise to the fight with Riffmaster, ruling the night

Hail to the Riffmaster

Written and performed by Odinfist
Produced, mixed and mastered by Shane Bouthillier
Artwork by: Art of Grimmuza

Odinfist is:‚Äč
Tyler Anderson - Lead Vocals and Guitar
Bradley Caulien - Drums
Justin Ketterer - Guitar and Backing Vocals
Jesse Valstar - Bass

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