REVOCATION - Re-Crucified (audio)

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Revocation songwriter/front-man Dave Davidson comments: "Normally we tend to close our albums with a more epic style of song, but with this record, I wanted to go in the opposite direction and end with a complete ripper. Inspired by 'Dante’s Inferno', this song is meant to feel like a journey through hell, and due to the story-like nature of the lyrics, I enlisted the vocal talents of Trevor Strnad and George 'Corpsegrinder' Fisher to aid in our journey into the abyss. Tragically, I received word of Trevor's passing immediately after we had finished filming the music videos for 'Netherheaven', and I was completely devastated by the news. Trevor was a close, personal friend of mine, and his passing was a terrible loss, not only for myself, but for the entire metal community. I'm proud that I could be a part of Trevor's immense and storied legacy in some small way. His performance along with George's are two of the highlights of the record for me. Rest in power Trevor, you will be sorely missed but your legacy will never die."

Refused at the gates banished to the underworld
My only crime? A denial of Christ
Descending into this fiery pit of thriving chaos
Through arcane portals I enter pandemonium
Surrounded by corpses of souls and the ashes of angels
My igneous guide escorts me through the inferno
The burning stench of tainted flesh fills the acrid air
As we journey onward through the circles of hell

This woeful forest moans as branches break like necks beneath our feet
A brood of harpies nesting in these rotted trees
Their talons scratch and claw at the spirits of the oak
Beyond the wood we travel further onto planes of blood and smoke
Inverted crosses litter the horizon
Sinners lashed by devil whips and speared in their sides
Demonic hammers driving infernal nails into the souls of the re-crucified

Vile wings beat these frozen winds
Encased in ice
Prisoners of the 9th chasm
Behold the 3 faces of the inverted trinity
I, the abyssal god
The beast of black infinity

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